Thursday, September 29, 2022

The nomad, the future and what we are today.

Somehow we today are interconnected and deeply rooted with our belief systems. The reach of these connections extend our abilities to be someone with a lot of validation (perhaps as difficult creating a tomb).
I spend my time thinking a lot about what makes these Decentralised Autonomous Organisations so successful and valuable. Sure they create impact (so did private limited organisations) but it's not just that. This is not about expanding internet to become a better version of itself by allowing expanse of it swallow through the metaverse, it is actually about going back right to tight knit communities taking care of each other. Given how easy it has become to move from place to place (unless you require US Visa, xD), our growing individualistic lifestyle and transience nature of economic volatility required us to create instruments which can move faster with much easier and public reputation systems. This need for transparency and trust is a growing consumer concern, too often than not we have seen products on shelves with harmful ingredients, medicines/products that want to upsell with disregard for potential sideeffects. Some believe that we are in the worst phase of human evolution with a disregard for nature and a know-it-all human attitude. Others believe that this is the most prosperous time for humanity and we would transcend to solve the issues that are plaguing us without the need of uprooting our daily lives. This dichotomy may be a dividing factor amongst many in future. 

When we look at last 50 years of humanity the changes that are paraded as wildly successful such as providing cheap electricity, better mobility of goods, better healthcare and medicines, faster pace of living has led to consequences so devastating that we are yet to suffer through the actual outcomes of it. This ignorance of things will move as it did because of inertia or humans inability to comprehend situations until they actually take place would probably leave us wondering how could we miss such obvious signs which are both a result of society's lack of tight knit communities and growing disbalance of natural resources. This may look like a bleak future but I am sure of witnessing some aspect of it in my lifetime. 

When we looked earlier times, sure the changes took time to come into effect but information also travelled slower, this allowed adoption in a non cult manner to masser audience. The idea of belief systems had little or no importance but soon that might change on the internet with growing community and community oriented online presence. Allowing impact and mission driven communities to work on issues that they struggle with collectively is a great cause to be focused and can solve lot of issues if allowed to collaborate a manner which reveals information best suited to the member (anonymous as well)!