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Deep dive in Zero Knowledge Ecosystem

The nomad, the future and what we are today.

Somehow we today are interconnected and deeply rooted with our belief systems. The reach of these connections extend our abilities to be someone with a lot of validation (perhaps as difficult creating a tomb). I spend my time thinking a lot about what makes these Decentralised Autonomous Organisations so successful and valuable. Sure they create impact (so did private limited organisations) but it's not just that. This is not about expanding internet to become a better version of itself by allowing expanse of it swallow through the metaverse, it is actually about going back right to tight knit communities taking care of each other. Given how easy it has become to move from place to place (unless you require US Visa, xD), our growing individualistic lifestyle and transience nature of economic volatility required us to create instruments which can move faster with much easier and public reputation systems. This need for transparency and trust is a growing consumer concern, too often

The Polygon Fellowship Experience

Imagine a bunch of highly passionate and brightest folks in one room and solving the most difficult problems of web3 ecosystem! You might say that "hey, hackathons exist, right!!", well that's true but what if the experience was 2 months of building something! That's what polygon fellowship exactly was!  The people Clearly what stood out for me was the people I got to interact with, I had discussions on 'Cosmos Ecosystem vs other Layer 1s" for quite a long time and was able to have insights that I did not have before. Everyone were nice and did not make one feel left out during a conversation, but had a great ordeal of patience to explain and often at times argue in order to make a point. This collaborative nature and perhaps the passion for the ecosystem was what made the fellowship stood out. It's crazy how easily we bonded together and became friends.  I still feel nothing beats in person communication. Digital is great as ease of communication but it