How can we keep our cities cool during summer?

- My daily Power Usage

Electricity is not plenty. Even though with the infrastructure that we have today, the truth why homes need to exist and are so prevalent when jobs have become mobile, internet data is mobile and luxurious cars that are same as tiny homes, we need power. 

Estimating my Power Usage, 

  • 4 hours of Light [43 Watts * 4 ] 
  • 12 hours of fan [ 55 Watts * 12 ]
  • 10 hours of laptop / computing device [70 Watts * 10]
  • 1.5 hours of cooking (induction) [1500 Wattage]
  • 4 hours of mobile [4 wattage * 4]
The total comes out to be roughly 3.5 Kwh per day approximately. Post engine efficiency, one litre of petrol can generate upto 2-4Kwh of energy, so 2 litres of petrol is sufficient enough for a day of electricity usage. [approx 5-6Kwh]


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