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When blockchain can be used in a project?

  When is blockchain actually required and when can a web2 startup can replace blockhain based projects. Data integrity - When there is a need to make sure that the data itself has some integrity associated with itself. This means that data cannot be corrupted or incorrect data manipulation should not take place in order to suit any specific party’s demands. Provable Time Linearisation. Time linearisation in mathematical terms means anything means that increases / decreases with respect to the time, say f(t) = at + b so the idea that anything needs to have consistence provable time linearisation say applications like Dollar Cost Averaging or anything that changes with respect to the time then we need the function the f(t) that needs to be verified by a consensus algorithm. Now in a blockchain, this happens by deterministically increasing the block number with a given time stamp and provably linked timestamps (and made sure that they are verified by consensus algorithm with high ec

How can we keep our cities cool during summer?

- My daily Power Usage Electricity is not plenty. Even though with the infrastructure that we have today, the truth why homes need to exist and are so prevalent when jobs have become mobile, internet data is mobile and luxurious cars that are same as tiny homes, we need power.  Estimating my Power Usage,  4 hours of Light [43 Watts * 4 ]  12 hours of fan [ 55 Watts * 12 ] 10 hours of laptop / computing device [70 Watts * 10] 1.5 hours of cooking (induction) [1500 Wattage] 4 hours of mobile [4 wattage * 4] The total comes out to be roughly 3.5 Kwh per day approximately. Post engine efficiency, one litre of petrol can generate upto 2-4Kwh of energy, so 2 litres of petrol is sufficient enough for a day of electricity usage. [approx 5-6Kwh]