Saturday, June 12, 2021

Jabra Fan : A NFT powered fan based marketplace

About Jabra

This is an early support based NFT marketplace, mostly aimed at content creators. Imagine getting supported for your initiatives by strangers on the internet who believe in you because of your past track record?

What's in it for these supporters you ask? Well they can sell these NFTs when you become a public sensation. This serves as a dual edged sword as the people who believe in you will also be the advocate of your success and help you reach there faster.

Use Case 1

Imagine you create educational videos on machine learning. You have made 4 videos and now you need some money to create more/new videos. You can mint a NFT on our platform and sell it to your supporters. This NFT would guarentee one-on-one time and certain exclusive features by the creator. Now, when and as channel grows these NFT (and thus the exclusivity) associated with it can be sold to new members of the community.

Use Case 2

Imagine you are a TV actor who is out of work at the moment (as we saw during the pandemic) , now you need some money in order to sustain a certain lifestyle. So you can reach out and mint NFTs and the exclusivity could be the videos of incorrect takes that took place, inside gossips, artworks from sets that you have, behind the scenes footage, reaction of your own memes. Your fans will buy it for certain premium and then as you grow to become a bigger star, these exclusivity can be sold out to the potentially highest bidder.

Technical Architechture

It uses

  • Zilliqa BlockChain
  • Scilla Smart Contracts
  • ZilPay Wallet Chrome Extension is Required
  • ReactJS for frontend
  • Rails Backend for storing some centralized data
  • AWS Amplify and AWS EC2 for hosting frontend and backend respectively.


Demo Video

(Apologies for the low audio)