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A study of shock induced air cavity in liquid nitromethane

A study if shock induced cavity collapse in liquid nitromethan from Vaibhav Maheshwari

JRE with Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying


GraphQL , ReactJS and Apollo Client

We will build a client-sided GraphQL application which will combine React with GraphQL. The application would allow us to gather facebook profile information The following tutorial will be split into four sections. What is GraphQL and how is it different from REST API. What is Reactjs and Why should you use it? Creating a GraphQL backend in nodejs and express. Connecting Apollo Client to a react application What is GraphQL and how is it different from REST API? One might ask themselves that they already understand the REST APIs very well and if there is a true need of GraphQL at all. GraphQL is based on objects instead of strings (comparing to SQL) and thus reduces complexity of the application. All the requests in GraphQL are handled by a single a end-point /graphql . Let that sink in for a while. Why does this matter? The actual transmission of requests and data is abstracted away. We no longer have to worry about things like response codes and planning out our urls like