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The lies we have been told

Initially, I thought of writing an article titled "things I wish I had known five years earlier" but honestly speaking most of them I had already known. Also, this article is intentionally written in Hinglish so to have a more realistic feel with the narrative. Disclaimer: Views can be biased, keep your own judgment with you while reading it. 1.) CGPA  I vividly remember my seniors giving this advice to me "agar job chahiye toh cg matter nahi karta but research me jaana hai toh kam se kam 8 lana padega". Everyone nodded their head in agreement as if no truer words had ever been spoken before. For the next five years every time during the exams I asked myself the purpose of "hacking" the previous years' question paper so that I could repeat the same process during examination Hall.  Well, ideally this shouldn't have been the case. Ideally, learning should be equivalent to scoring high marks in an exam. But that's not the case. Not for