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Time Management and Productivity

As someone who is data and productivity fanatic, this post is going to be about breaking the schedule, tracking the data while there is a schedule and there is not a schedule and how to measure more accurate metrics. 

(College Education - 2) What if you get 100K USD job after a 200$ course. Will you pay for college then?

If you have not read my previous article on college education, you can find the link over here . 

Why this pandemic is an ultimate test.

Humans have survived on the hope of a better future. The now is pretty irrelevant as long as there is the promise of a better future. We have led ourselves to narrate a sippy dream filled with brighter future of neon lights and disposable human connections. Nobody expected to be in a home lockdown, irrespective of the fact that's what we would have been doing anyway, the imposition of such comes as a big blow. Something more precious than the present has been taken away from us, the promise of a better future.  The psychological impact of it is insanely high. We have to deal with someone, we have to live with someone we rarely have an honest conversation with, ourselves. This pandemic is also a long coming for so many issues that plagued society, we are looking at improved conversations on the division of labour between genders, mental health, social media addiction, unimpactful education system and so on. It is indeed an extraordinary situation where everyone seems to

A study of shock induced air cavity in liquid nitromethane

A study if shock induced cavity collapse in liquid nitromethan from Vaibhav Maheshwari

JRE with Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying


GraphQL , ReactJS and Apollo Client

We will build a client-sided GraphQL application which will combine React with GraphQL. The application would allow us to gather facebook profile information The following tutorial will be split into four sections. What is GraphQL and how is it different from REST API. What is Reactjs and Why should you use it? Creating a GraphQL backend in nodejs and express. Connecting Apollo Client to a react application What is GraphQL and how is it different from REST API? One might ask themselves that they already understand the REST APIs very well and if there is a true need of GraphQL at all. GraphQL is based on objects instead of strings (comparing to SQL) and thus reduces complexity of the application. All the requests in GraphQL are handled by a single a end-point /graphql . Let that sink in for a while. Why does this matter? The actual transmission of requests and data is abstracted away. We no longer have to worry about things like response codes and planning out our urls like

Your First SPA in ReactJS, NodeJS

Your First SPA in ReactJs, NodeJS Today we are going to build a simple blog application that will help you get started with ReactJS with back-end built over NodeJS The complete tutorial has been split into SIX IMPORTANT steps. Installing the required tools Understanding NodeJS structure (Back-end of your application) Coding Your APIs Understanding ReactJS structure (Front-end of your application) Designing and Coding your Front-end Grab a good drink and pat yourself on the back for doing an excellent job. Installing the required tools Let’s get our tools installed and start the fire going to get us started with building our Blog Application. We will use ReactJS, NodeJS, Express and MongoDB. Node.js: Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js brings JavaScript to the server MongoDB: A document-based open source database Express: A Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for Node.js React: A JavaScript front-e

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"Three minutes to the train" thought Rakesh. It had been a tiring day for him. His job at the dockyard which was initially hard on him had gotten easier with time. Earlier it was a strange caricature of decay and resurrection but after his first salary credit a few days back the same structure turned into sweating smell of hope. Somehow he had found home in blood metal sound of machines and ocean blue water and skies. He did not particularly enjoy coming to the railway station though. The railway station always made him envious of lives other people had, Families, saying affectionate goodbyes, girlfriends holding hands with their boyfriends, a group of young men cackling with laughter and merriment. It was this envy that made him buy an expensive new smartphone with his first salary. He wanted to be more confident amongst the crowd around him. He had already imagined himself standing beside the pole of Mumbai local train, earphones in his ears and the wind blowing through hi

Dynamic Programming

In this blog post we will discuss various dynamic programming questions. The idea is to have a same template to understand all the dynamic programming problems. All the problems that we discuss will be divided into four parts:- What is the question?  ( read * 2 times )  Why this problem can be solved with the help of Dynamic Programming? ( read once ) What does dp[i][j] or dp[i] mean with respect to the question? ( read once ) What is the solution if the assumed dp array is to be constructed? ( read once ) How the dp[i] or dp[i][j] will be formulated? Along with the help of an example. ( read twice ) Variations to the questions  Once these algorithms are done, we will observe that even the new problems can be solved with the help of this template. I have used same terminology to make the questions easier.  1. Longest Common Subsequnce QUESTION : Given two sequences, find the length of longest subsequence present in both of them. In the code given below we assume X,

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VIM Tutorial - Everything you need to know #1

So you have heard way too much about vim and have given it a go but it turns out that you have given it up after trying it for two days, the reason being you just cannot get used to this new way editing software! You probably already know how to shift between "escape" and "insert" mode of VIM. COPY PASTE COMMANDS IN VIM y y  Yank (copy) the current line, including the newline character. d d , Delete (cut) the current line, including the newline character. p  (paste) the text after the cursor SCREEN SPLITTING. Ctrl + W ,  S  (upper case) for horizontal splitting Ctrl + W ,  v  (lower case) for vertical splitting Ctrl + W ,  Q  to close one Ctrl + W ,  Ctrl + W  to switch between windows Ctrl + W ,  J  (xor  K ,  H ,  L ) to switch to adjacent window (intuitively up, down, left, right)

The lies we have been told

Initially, I thought of writing an article titled "things I wish I had known five years earlier" but honestly speaking most of them I had already known. Also, this article is intentionally written in Hinglish so to have a more realistic feel with the narrative. Disclaimer: Views can be biased, keep your own judgment with you while reading it. 1.) CGPA  I vividly remember my seniors giving this advice to me "agar job chahiye toh cg matter nahi karta but research me jaana hai toh kam se kam 8 lana padega". Everyone nodded their head in agreement as if no truer words had ever been spoken before. For the next five years every time during the exams I asked myself the purpose of "hacking" the previous years' question paper so that I could repeat the same process during examination Hall.  Well, ideally this shouldn't have been the case. Ideally, learning should be equivalent to scoring high marks in an exam. But that's not the case. Not for

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Indiahikes Brahmatal Trek

There wasn't much of a purpose or expectation with this trip, I just wanted to have a great time. And I did. :-) Day 1 The day began with my journey from Delhi to Rishikesh which was lot more colder than I had anticipated. The bus was shivering and the engine making crude noises from time to time. All of the road journeys made the vehicles dance to the tune of nature, as if trying to tell us that here nature rules and not the automobile technology. When I reached Rishikesh it was already dark and I had nothing to do except to have dinner and sleep in the comfort of my blanket. Day 2 The second day was our journey from Rishikesh to Lohajung. I made that journey in a tempo traveller which had a seating capacity of 12 folks. The driver of the tempo traveller was a person who had 33 years of driving experience and a temper of 2 year old. He made sure to tell anyone on the road who dare cut him his choicest cuss words with a sheer innocence that could make an ice cube melt. H