Wednesday, November 6, 2019

VendingCook : Update! Dt: Oct 27 (Created Design, Built the website)

It has been an amazing week. I finally decided to take up this project after a lot of brainstorming. I am well aware that this is not even close to my domain of expertise or something that I have tried before but nothing ventured is nothing gained. It involves a huge amount of mechanical / electronics aspect. I am hoping to complete the project before Nov. 30, which would be quite a feat if accomplished. The design in SolidWorks was made by Yash Faldu.

As the motor rotates the coil it would convert rotational motion into linear motion, thus anything kept between the 2 consecutive coil rotations would fall in container. The container would be connected to Induction Cooktop which would heat the Maggi based on the signals from the microprocessor(Arduino/pi). The container would rotate delivering the cooked Maggi in a bowl.

The website is taken from a template I had used earlier. It had a purplish theme which I changed to dark black. I would try to come up with new ways to make this project as interactive as possible with an audience with the help of this website.

I think I am going to have a blast while working on this project as there are so many new things to explore! Adios for now and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter.