Thursday, March 21, 2019

My thoughts on Dystopian Culture and Book Review of The Handmaid's Tale

It is true that today's generation has been crushed under small issues that have been viewed unnecessarily by a microscope, it dreads of political, financial and social instability bundled with mass media addiction. We have the 24*7 access to information which can make us numb any emotion we want while still struggle to remain happy is a constant one. There are so many outlets for the outcry of emotional help yet very few of them can be trusted enough to process it all through.

This book is largely based on a dystopian culture that treats women as baby-producing machines called the handmaids. The repetitive theme in the book is about the life we live today by making all the choices that we do is much more miserable than what it would be if the choices are given to us by society. The book makes a very strong case for why a dystopian culture should exist by reflecting on the failures of people in achieving their desired life goals having a tremendous negative impact on them.

It has been beautifully written and emotions of the lead character are immaculately detailed. If you have not read the book I would definitely recommend it.

We are a generation of information outrage and that is just going to increase in coming years but making that case for a controlled society is a dumb one. I am much more hopeful while making a case for the "millennial generation". It is definitely hard work to improve on self and easy to complain about the "other" but that is what the choice that we as a society have to make.

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