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CodeChef Workshop Experience

A little self bragging (About the Author) I have been involved in and enjoyed building projects since a very long time. As of now I am doing my integrated msc mathematics from NIT Surat (aka SVNIT). I have had very little experience with competitive coding problems and the workshop had a lot of new things in store for me. This workshop taught us concepts with problem solving approach which I enjoyed thoroughly. My main aim to attend this workshop was to improve my coding skills and be a more productive/efficient developer than before.  I heard about this workshop through the codechef website and was one of the early bird registratant to it. The workshop was well timed and started 4 days after my end-semester exams, so I packed up my bags left for Hyderabad.  Where? The workshop was conducted at MLRIT (stands for something something Institute of Technology). The campus was not widespread or huge but had some really amazing facilities. It had olympic size indoor badminton sta