Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AI and Humans - 1

Recently an Artificially intelligent bot called Sophia got citizenship of United Arab Emirates. It was enthralling to see the robot and it's human like interactions. It kind of makes you wonder how we have reached from rolling stones and calling them wheels to flowing electrons in silicon embedded skulls. It is fascinating to speculate how things would look like in next 5-10 years.

Artificial life forms is where the internet was in early 80's. Accessible only to a few people having high resources.

Internet in 80's was very premature and was just a toy for geeks and nerds alike. Today it has become indispensable tool for our productivity. It moved from being a business product for overseas communication to personal entertainment device. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is being used at lot of places and is at early stages just like internet was in 80's. The problem with artificial intelligence being mainstream is twofold:-
  1. Problems in business sectors needs to be addressed first with productivity kept in laser focus, instead of directly jumping into consumer businesses. 
  2. A proper architecture needs to kept and agreed upon for deciding the privacy, data sharing and replacement of jobs destroyed by AI. 
It is also interesting to note that during the internet the world was largely split into corporations making innovations, today the whole gameplay has been shifted to open source work culture, thus giving individual ample opportunity to understand make use of tools present with highly specific projects in mind.

Bonus Video: (It is about AI wife! based in orthodox Rajasthan)