Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some more Ideas.

"An idea a day, makes a man healthy, wealthy and happy :-P "

Idea #1
Creating a messenger chatbot which would take the subtitle files of a movie/series. And then based on the characters of the series, it would ask which character would you like the messenger bot to train on. It would train on that data (subtitle files) using machine learning and then you can chat with your favourite character.

Tech Stack: Messenger Chatbot (Python, flask) , Web Interface - Flask , api's or tensorflow+scikit-learn+pandas

Idea #2
Watch videos with your friends online. You need to enter a video url of youtube and wait it to buffer on all the workstations connected. A small popup window would appear of your friend, which would show up the video of him. Thus you and your friends could react to same video, capture each other's emotions, and release that reaction on youtube for the world to watch.

Tech Stack : Rails 5 (ActionCable , Redis) , Chrome Extension (maybe?)

Idea #3
Create a mobile application which enables personalized education case scenario. The mobile application would be a channel for indirect communication between teachers and students.

Tech Stack : Flask (To build APIs) , Android Developer Studio