Saturday, February 11, 2017

What next?

This blog has been a place for me to organise my thoughts properly and post about events of my life. This is the first weekend after 3 weekends that I have not been travelling or staying awake whole night and writing code. I finally have some time to organise my thoughts properly. There are three technology sectors that are said to have high importance, they are largely :-

  1. IOT (Internet of things)
  2. Blockchain 
  3. Artificial Intelligence (including data analysis)
It is interesting how all of these combined, would lead to complete automation of industries which is slightly disastrous and exciting at the same time. Now like all technologies, they have to be groomed and properly nurtured by industries to take effect.

IOT- Energy
AI - Education
Blockchain - Payment Systems

To be completely honest, instead of building things over a weekend. I want to build something more serious while doing projects in these fields.