Friday, February 17, 2017

A new Forte

Since childhood we are all surrounded by all sort of media around us. It serves as a great influence on moulding our minds. Given the fact that my english grammar has become completely horrible and I can't even construct sentences with correct grammar, leaves me no other choice apart from venturing into a new field althogether that is :- making short films.

I have most certainly spent last two days trying to cook up a script which glorifies and comics the situations in college life. It was kind of difficult task which makes me appreciate people who make videos a lot more. I wouldn't care much if the film gets less number of views but I would kind of regret if the film turns out a nuisance. Creating an intertwined story and keep the audience engaged at every frame of your video is extremely challenging. I think movies made Raju Kumar Hirani do this very well that they never bore their audience. Each movie plot has subplot which are coherently linked together in this amazing sequence.

 I will post the video of making, the complete film over here in some time. Keep tight. :-)