Saturday, January 14, 2017

Understanding ed-tech startup space #2

In this debacle I would concentrate more on basic idea of learning. I won't be comparing the intent of learning (say, Online Test Prep or skills connect startup).I think this is a part which each edtech sector startup asks itself is how to stimulate learning to the target audience. In case, where target audience is between classes 4-10th grades, the accepted approach is usually to use games for each topic to make learning more addictive. In higher classes and skill development scenario, the approach is more tilted towards using demonstrative videos / lecture videos to help the learner learn. There are also very few domain specific websites which allow users to learn computer algorithms in a highly addictive manner but they cater only to programming audience.

Most of the educational websites have certain amount of traffic but that does not mean they are for sure the best approach, at the same time also stating the fact that just because it's done does not mean they must have approached things in a wrong way.

Nonetheless, I would like to give few points :-

  1. Ed-Tech startups are not working at all on Artificial Intelligence (completely automated and personalised learning system) that helps learners learn better. 
  2. Startups need to understand the current segment very carefully before proposing a change. You can't shift things in a night. Change would happen gradually only and a strategic approach is needed that would propose change in current system rather than create a new system altogether. (My opinion is biased) 
  3. Public-Private relations hold a major key. You need to make that work out in your benefit.
I would be adding more to this article, after I complete my research on various education startups and how they tried to simulate learning to their target audience. For now, I would like to sign of on a note saying that don't try something new just because it is something new. In my next article I would focus on the demand-supply of college education with industry. So definitely keep tight.  :-)