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Blockchain based research journal

I have written this presentation for iHack Hackathon. It is a basic web application which leverages Blockchain technology to increase the pace of innovation. Questions in comments section are highly appreciated. 

Wow! A great debate


Understanding ed-tech startup space #2

In this debacle I would concentrate more on basic idea of learning. I won't be comparing the intent of learning (say, Online Test Prep or skills connect startup).I think this is a part which each edtech sector startup asks itself is how to stimulate learning to the target audience. In case, where target audience is between classes 4-10th grades, the accepted approach is usually to use games for each topic to make learning more addictive. In higher classes and skill development scenario, the approach is more tilted towards using demonstrative videos / lecture videos to help the learner learn. There are also very few domain specific websites which allow users to learn computer algorithms in a highly addictive manner but they cater only to programming audience. Most of the educational websites have certain amount of traffic but that does not mean they are for sure the best approach, at the same time also stating the fact that just because it's done does not mean they must have ap

Understanding ed-tech startup space #1

I find it amazing how companies like Facebook, Google and Tesla have scaled without spending a lot of money on marketing. They used strategies to understand their market, their market niches and evolved the product around that, thus eliminating the need to market themselves. There are lot of applications and services which offer first month free, free rides and bumper sales but yet have failed to evolve as a successful business in terms of profitability.  One of the biggest reason for that is they do not completely understand their channels of reaching out to people and thus end up lacking the focus towards the area where consumers are present. They fail their understanding of the term "target audience". One of the most classic examples of this kind of failure is TATA Nano. They branded themselves as common man's car in interviews given by Ratan Tata himself. Cars are status symbols and henceforth nobody wanted to buy a "common man's car".  Had they und