Friday, December 30, 2016

Satire on Demonitisation

All the black money hoarders had their nightmare when Modi announced that 500Rs, and 1000Rs notes would be banned for consumption. It created a nation wide turmoil , though it had little difference (zero?) on me. I didn't have any 500 or 1000 rs/- note. 😄😄😄

What would be a proper nightmare for me? Here is my satire.. 

To break the grip of high use of social media , torrent downloading and porn surfing , the government has decided that all the 5mbps and 10mbps internet connection would no longer be valid from the day 31st December 2016. All the devices running downloads on high speed internet connections will now be void. The old 512kbps, 1mbps slow internet connections are still valid. I promise to my poor developer fellows, no harm will come to you. 
You can get downloads upto 4GB from the bank nearest to you, in exchange for the files partially downloaded on your laptop. To enter the bank and get your downloads you will now have to produce your Google account, facebook account , twitter account, linkedin account, hackerearth account  and proof of an old Orkut account.You asked me to curb crimes in the society and here I have taken a bold move in that direction, my fellow developers. In case you have files more than 4gb of download pending on your laptop, you would need to get a tatto stating "mera baap choor hain" on your right hand. Also, anyone found with a file named "Sonam Gupta Bewafaa hain" would require to download all the mann ki baat instead of the ongoing files he needed. 

I promise to curb this illness called as high speed downloading. No more poor developers need to suffer because of this.