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Achievements 2K16

2016 in pictures. I presented at AMOC {a month of code} conducted at SVNIT. (at that time, it was a game based and social learning platform).  Won cash prize of 1 Lac INR @ Nasscom TechNgage Hackathon for building personalised experience of learning. Stood third at that hackathon.  Stood in one of the TOP 7 teams at HackInOut. These teams were selected to present at stage.  At digital India Conference. Participated at the conference and got selected to fly to new delhi (all expenses paid trip. /m\)  Conducted researchathon event at SVNIT with help of seniors. ( )  2017 would be a bang of a year. Let's see how it goes. 

Satire on Demonitisation

All the black money hoarders had their nightmare when Modi announced that 500Rs, and 1000Rs notes would be banned for consumption. It created a nation wide turmoil , though it had little difference (zero?) on me. I didn't have any 500 or 1000 rs/- note. 😄😄😄 What would be a proper nightmare for me? Here is my satire..  Mitronnn..  To break the grip of high use of social media , torrent downloading and porn surfing , the government has decided that all the 5mbps and 10mbps internet connection would no longer be valid from the day 31st December 2016. All the devices running downloads on high speed internet connections will now be void. The old 512kbps, 1mbps slow internet connections are still valid. I promise to my poor developer fellows, no harm will come to you.  You can get downloads upto 4GB from the bank nearest to you, in exchange for the files partially downloaded on your laptop. To enter the bank and get your downloads you will now have to produce your Google

My Google History. (Proud Of It)

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My solution to Dr Jerry Query

This was asked in one of the challenges by rise hackathon. Write a program to show the counts of repeated characters in a string. For example, the string "riiise haackkathhhon" would become "ri3se ha2ck2ath3on". Here is my solution in Python.

We Wish

that people explore and chase their dreams.   Vaibhav Maheshwari

Adding a spinner (loading bar) in your rails 4 application.

Add the following code to your rails application.js file. Even though the code is pretty simple it ain't properly available in Stack Overflow questions and blog posts. To create a beautiful experience you can use spin.js file library or a simple gif image in the spinner div. Pre-Release screenshots. :-)

Here are some screenshots. :-)