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End-Sem Qtiyapa

"End Sem are coming" End Semester exams are going to start soon (Coming Monday) and honestly I have not prepared enough to pass. (There is still time left :-P) The thing is, I would have been studying if I was scared but I am not even scared now and that kind of makes things really very scary! (What the hell!?!) The whole year has been extremely busy and exciting for me, both academically as well as personally. This reminds me of a meme which has my feelings . Hope next year won't be the same. 

Yeh startup startup kya hain? Yeh startup startup kya hain??

 In last couple of days I am hearing this word 'startup' more than ever before. Before I go on to brag why I hate this word, I will narrate a small incident. A friend of mine asked me why I am so busy these days and what I am busy with. I replied that I am working on a website. Apparently a friend of her could design a website in days! Why I am taking so much time? I calmly replied that website is bit more complex than usual sites. The look I got back was that of puzzled person. That is when I spilled the beans and said that I am doing a "startup". The next expression was that of understating and clarity. One of the things which I hate about the word 'startup' is that weather you are planning to disrupt a complete industry by creating something that is 10X different or something which is just another brick in the wall, in both cases you will be called a startup.  All the Facebook groups to venture fund raising meetings are filled with another ecommerce we