Monday, January 6, 2014

edunova introduction!

hello, it seems that i have been blogging after lot of days , years actually! {exaggeration}.

1.)The current education system is like a big feast where you can eat the next thing only after you eat the previous one , it is very competitive and and competition always burns you out. You feel like celebrating for something which is not worth celebrating at all! . What pulsonova brings out is insanely great buffet system , where you would have to choose a project , search out what all things are required to make that project , learn them using our game studio and complete the final project.We are not saying "OK you have learnt maths ,you can move to physics , then you can move to electronics" , we bring to you a really cool way of studying.You need to select "electronics and then shuttle back and forth between electronics - coding - maths and physics!' . no examinations . just create and do what you are truly passionate about and learn in a way which no teacher could teach you ever! after all we all are unique

2.)It seems that currently all the things online which are meant to educate are way less interactive and boring.Yes there is loads of stuff you can leran , but you need to know about it and that is stupid enough or if you try something new you get bored quickly because the way they are presented.
3.)Mostly everything which is presented is one way communication , all of my 'awesome' teachers engage in discussion of the topic with the pupil , it makes the subject more intresting.
4.)Also , till this date we have not learnt things equally , it could be that some student might have dabbed his head more in physics and other person more in english, but that does not signify the latter or former does not like the other subject.It could be just that at that point of time in history he would have spent more time with that subject .The point is how can we have same education system for all the students when they all are different.Some need little patience over a topic while some can master it quickly.

After dabbling my head a lot on the stuff , i decided that why not create a game meant to educate. If you fail in some questions , it will teach you the logic behind the question and familiarize you with more same type of questions, so that you can be confident over it.

While if you get that question easily it would jump you to newer content.!

There could be hell loads of innovativeness in the whole education system!

Fingers crossed, that i be successful this time.