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edunova introduction!

hello, it seems that i have been blogging after lot of days , years actually! {exaggeration}. 1.)The current education system is like a big feast where you can eat the next thing only after you eat the previous one , it is very competitive and and competition always burns you out. You feel like celebrating for something which is not worth celebrating at all! . What pulsonova brings out is insanely great buffet system , where you would have to choose a project , search out what all things are required to make that project , learn them using our game studio and complete the final project.We are not saying "OK you have learnt maths ,you can move to physics , then you can move to electronics" , we bring to you a really cool way of studying.You need to select "electronics and then shuttle back and forth between electronics - coding - maths and physics!' . no examinations . just create and do what you are truly passionate about and learn in a way which no teacher could