Tuesday, March 12, 2013

high hopes from vacations!

To be honest , i had planned a little for the vacations and here it comes :-

1.)Improve my English by learning 5 words and writing an essay (weekly or once in three days) having those words , publishing it on my blog . I have written articles in past but those were basically about posting my views and opinions about stuff which i have either read somewhere or have a strong opinion about .. mostly both..

2.)Improve my PCM aptitude , honestly i do not think there should have been a C in it but anyways , chemistry is extremely important for engineering. Solve a couple of random questions from here there perhaps..

3.)Learn PYTHON.I have been quite eager to learn this programming language as it is extremely neat and i have heard tons about it . It somehow explores that vast land of intersection of maths and programming present. It tinkers the mind and helps us build up a problem-to-solution how to approach. It is insanely great language (Although i do know it yet :P) .

4.) As usual , swimming .. :) SPLASH!

You will be  hearing more from me! stay tuned in..