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u like to think sir

Should people make more of an effort to keep some things private

Private and Public , are the two words in which our world is composed . Privacy means keeping something to self or limited people. In just couple of years , the life style trends of people has changed , due to emergence of technology and internet , people have begun to think the world a s an open web , thus sharing anything with everyone without caring about consequences. This has lead to from minute confusions to major catastrophes. We are uploading more on facebook than informing our guardians.The question stands : Should people make more of an effort to keep some things private? Some things ,definitely .All  things, A BIG NO . Things which are personal to us and we are ashamed to talk about them public and the things which are too crucial data for us should  be kept private. For example our sexual fantasy,passwords,bank account numbers,passport number e.t.c. As we all are born unique , we might want to keep some things to ourselves, because sharing something uncommon

dmage idea

you know how the images in harry potter's newspaper come live and keep looping ... well it is just that somehow print media {in muggle's life :P} is more and more text , and the content is just not  "live" enough... well ,i had this crazy idea why not create a data image which can be printed and when scanned , it could stream that data to your mobile .. as if making an image as DIGITAL DATA! , it could be used everywhere :- textbooks,newspapers, magazines,printed advertisements,official files .. just everything... the idea is to store some MBs of data in an image (with certain parameters listed below) ... when scanned that image turns into digital data and could be browsed through mobile .. i am calling this project "dmage" code-named as finale and will basically include creating a mobile application. the main image will be divided in something known as cells. the following would be the parameters of data input from image the color code of the cel

friendyoke news and screenshots

Friendyoke is shutting down! {not that it started} , but basically i am leaving/quitting this project for now. Here are some screenshots for the great social networking website ..:)

high hopes from vacations!

To be honest , i had planned a little for the vacations and here it comes :- 1.)Improve my English by learning 5 words and writing an essay (weekly or once in three days) having those words , publishing it on my blog . I have written articles in past but those were basically about posting my views and opinions about stuff which i have either read somewhere or have a strong opinion about .. mostly both.. 2.)Improve my PCM aptitude , honestly i do not think there should have been a C in it but anyways , chemistry is extremely important for engineering. Solve a couple of random questions from here there perhaps.. 3.)Learn PYTHON.I have been quite eager to learn this programming language as it is extremely neat and i have heard tons about it . It somehow explores that vast land of intersection of maths and programming present. It tinkers the mind and helps us build up a problem-to-solution how to approach. It is insanely great language (Although i do know it yet :P) . 4.) As usual