Sunday, December 16, 2012


Roads.They define infinite , they define future , they define the meaning of life.

Roads - never ending , never finished path to justify life - unfair , frustrating , stupid and funny. Roads shape us , they tell us who we are , and make us to adjust to themselves. Roads - a place where we can sit and achieve , where we can sit and rethink  ourselves to someone better , someone successful . Roads - a place where people try to find peace , knowing it does not exist , where people make homes , so that they can comeback.

Roads.They define infinite , they define future , they define meaning of life.

Roads may sometimes be full of crowd, where we know we have to, make our mark.They might laugh and double back upon you .They sometimes become chaotic , and we unable to find solace , end up being the crowd OR grow up and define those roads , because the roads are made by people like us , having nothing more or nothing less. People like us. They left a trail , they left a path , they made a road .And those were the people who believed in themselves , thought differently and never backed up no matter how many roads double backed upon them.No matter what they faced , they defined infinite , defined future , defined their meaning of life.

They defined the roads on which we walk upon, but sir , they were just people like us , who defined these roads.