Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why Big Act Small

**Narrative in this article is fictitious , the facts .. although are facts ..

Recently to my bangok to pattaya trip our luxury bus took a non-periodical short nap at a highway . There was some sort of "complicated-engineering-stuff problem in our bus" .All of us thought that we would miss the lunch buffet organized at our hotel and will have to retire with our stomach empty. The driver thought differently , and as it turns out , we ate the whole buffet after arriving.

UPS (Unite Parcel Service) reached the mid-highway in 14 minutes , took 7 minutes to repair the engine and bango! the bus was back roaring in not more than 25 minutes (sorry for my bad math! :P). During the 7 minute repair time i asked the bus driver Dev - weather the guys in UPS shirts were there to bring some sort of damaged part . {UPS is parcel service company famous all over the world } He kindly replied that - "NO" , those guys were actually the guys who "WERE REPAIRING THE BUS" . WHAT!! I was shocked , why the hell , a postal company hire a bunch of mechanical engineers and start a portable garage at mid-highway. WHY? because they can . Apparently the bus company "VOLVO" which offers quick replacement warranty hired UPS , twice as big company to do this work for them. UPS agreed , they agreed to switch to survival mode. After the emergence and flow of internet the UPS services became less in demand , so THEY HAD TO THINK BIG AND ACT SMALL TO SURVIVE .
Look how everyone wins in the this process , from customer to UPS to VOLVO... everyone goes home happy.

Not only UPS but all companies are acting small and doing great feats . BBC is collaborating with Taliban bloggers and tweeters to provide them news . Lenovo and Toshiba {huge competitors} are hiring same  Bluedart guy {approved by them} to repair our laptops.Facebook... {the list goes endless , take any company and u will find them either suciding  or acting small}