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welcome to your life.. :)

I have been thinking to write a poem from a long time.. just catched up wid couple of phrases from here and there to make up an uber epic awesome poem {too much :P} the shadows walk beside you , the clock ticks on ... the moment comes and the moment goes , you just keep worrying about. welcome to your life. the doors open , the doors close , you walk past them, you open one wrong, goodluck for your fall .. it goes on to .... catching up wid lack of vision .. and put yourself in indecision why is there hesitation?.. welcome to your life.. will things ever change? how hard is dong that? will you ever answer that? welcome to your life... things will work out fine...

Read The signs , Memorize the lines..

Blue for the blue I feel when I'm feelin down on the ground Feelin' down That could be most any day Green for the eyes, take look around When the sun goes down and the sun goes down In the strangest way Red for the light, got to stop this thing Find a song to sing that is everything That I meant to say Meant to say Three for the mice that are blind like the world Never see the good that is done, just the bad It's too late to see Two of us make it easier to read the signs Memorize the lines Will you play with me? One for the road, I'll be on my way Come another day, when the things we say Find a way to be Way to be Autumn calls for a change of year, bringing winter near us Green to brown and the sky's a sign Wintertime is a razor blade that the devil made It's the price we pay for the summertime Spring days come, it's hard to know Where the rain comes from, where the children go It's a nursery rhyme Nursery rhyme

Why Big Act Small

**Narrative in this article is fictitious , the facts .. although are facts .. Recently to my bangok to pattaya trip our luxury bus took a non-periodical short nap at a highway . There was some sort of "complicated-engineering-stuff problem in our bus" .All of us thought that we would miss the lunch buffet organized at our hotel and will have to retire with our stomach empty. The driver thought differently , and as it turns out , we ate the whole buffet after arriving. UPS (Unite Parcel Service) reached the mid-highway in 14 minutes , took 7 minutes to repair the engine and bango! the bus was back roaring in not more than 25 minutes (sorry for my bad math! :P). During the 7 minute repair time i asked the bus driver Dev - weather the guys in UPS shirts were there to bring some sort of damaged part . {UPS is parcel service company famous all over the world } He kindly replied that - "NO" , those guys were actually the guys who "WERE REPAIRING THE BUS" .