Friday, April 13, 2012

the algorithm for unbreakable password..?

hello friends u all know about the one simple fact that is the square root of 4 can be -2 or +2 , this fact apparently amazes me lot ... because we can go to +4 from either -2 * -2 and +2 * +2 , but just by having 4 we cannot determine which one.(unless some criteria is listed) ..... so we have 2 possible solutions from one number , can we ha infinite possible solution from one number?

Question 1 before i continue u might wanna ask what are the applications of such kind of thing?
this will help in full secure encryption of strings.... and we can pass secure parameters such pass words in querystrings , and thus develop APIs of the website based on querystrings ..

what are APIs?
APIs-the programming or code used to make the database of website available for deveopers.

what are querystrings?
querystring-anything u see in the website url such as ?id=abcd is querystring.

Question 2 HOW TO?
  • convert all alphabets and characters into numbers , let numbers remain numbers (for security reasons make one character into a 3 digit random number.)
  • if their are certain numbers then the whole number becomes negative.
  • multiply the number by itself
  • what u get can be made public without fear!

Question 3 Where is the code?