Thursday, April 26, 2012 look! (leaked) .. Loading Algorithm! HECK

Usually websites do not release their loading algorithms but i am different , i am more like a one-man-army :P ... well 4 days back the loading of was little like you had to wait for 10 seconds for each page to show up , While coding the pages i felt bored waiting,wanting to see the output of what i had coded .. so i decided upon a loading algorithm which is far better than that of facebook

So , i went about having multiple approaches which led to multiple problems, one of the most ass-holed method of doing this is by using iframes... they may give that (enabling of browser's) 'Back' button advantage but at the end of the day , they do not provide security , they load the pages instead of controls ...

Second method was to load user-controls dynamically using update panels .. each time u clicked the button ,  a user-control would load up , this had its own set of problems and approaches as well because the controls (if u wanted them to behave like normal user-controls) then u had load them in Page_Init event ... if u do that in any other event then the controls in the user-controls will not fire their own events, yes u r right we can solve this problem by using viewstates and trying to figure out in which page life cycle which event fires.. but this method although possible was rejected because using this method meant that we are loading user-controls again which are already loaded ... what i mean the user-controls had to be , had to be  kept in one page..

So I came up with 3rd and most efficient method (this method is also used by Google + and new Gmail) this approach keeps the user-controls loaded in the same page but sets their display as none , u can use hidden input to pass required parameters to button , user-controls and the panels u r using .So when u click at at the link , it checks weather the user-control is already loaded or not(via javascript) if it is then it sets its postback to false and displays that following user-control and if it is not then the event is passed to server-side and then the user-control is loaded in the page ... but it created one more problem if their is postback in the user-control , the parameters gets refreshed and their is no postback at all (weird , i know but it happened!!) so the only way is to ajaxify all the usercontrols using couple of more update panels and javascript snippets . Yeah Tough ... but it was worth it ... time saved is always worth it .. isn't it guys..
Will Keep Posting

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vision Electronic Cloud!

Electronic Cloud is something i have been thinking upon a while and i faced a problem when i was asked to explain it in 2 minute video because it has a mixture of ideas and not one single the best way i thought to explain it was imagining a place with electronic cloud..

You wake up at 6:30 am , your stereo playing 'Eminem - Not Afraid' as you had set it from your mobile as alarm ringtone a previous day.Your mobile , your laptop , your computer is nothing but a different resolution compatible web-browser with bluetooth and there is nothing known as hard-drive , all the data is sent to google docs which provides free hosting service.
hmmmm... so what happened? did your internet speed went up?you got employed in broadband company? nahhhhhh... you just bought a device called electronic cloud , and that is the only device connected to internet. your e-cloud has ego-operating system(downloads and stores file in hard-disk), intel core 2 duo processor , 1 TB hard-drive , a motherboard , couple of USB slots and bluetooth cum infrared transmitter-receiver . The  hard-drive is connected to everything from mobiles,TVs,computer,laptops ... everything .. you ask these smart devices to download stuff for you into your hard-drive so that it is accessible from any of your smart gadgets.E-Cloud works 24*7 and downloads all the stuff you need. It also has the responsibility of making these deices compute between themselves .  You can also install end user applications developed by developers all around the world , not only on single device such as mobile or laptop but even on combination of multiple devices!(example given ahead) .Through all the smart devices you can manage energy dashboard , a segment of code which configures all your devices to run on minimum electricity without diluting the device experience and tells you which device consumed how much electricity..

You wake up , you put off the alarm , this starts the water shower heater, then  you put soup in oven (without turning it on). E-Cloud calculates the amount of time you require to bath and knows how much heated soup you like , so as soon as you are back from shower you get your soup prepared..You do some yoga , dress-up and prepare to leave for office.
Instead of using your car you now take bus , that is because a group of geeks have installed e-cloud in the bus , as soon you switch on your mobile you are forced to see 30 second video advertisement (geeks earn the money from it! obviously) , and then can browse any show,newspaper and all sort of content geeks have put up on e-cloud hard drive. That is OK with you because now you can enjoy reading newspaper,watch shows and save the stress of going in that traffic as compared to earlier times. [supposing you go to a place without e-cloud then all the stuff can be browsed at your internet speed]
You enter your office and the work goes as it used to ...(obviously there is electronic cloud in your office also.. tht was silly question!) . In your office you suddenly remember that you have forgot to send one file off your home electronic cloud to your office electronic cloud .. no problem you log into the office electronic cloud [using your home account] and it gives command to home electronic cloud to upload that file on internet so that you can download it from your office electronic cloud.
You have to leave office at 8:00 (your office becomes a completely automated industry at 11:00pm and goes on till 7:00 am , the company rents it to samsung to manufacture some products and takes rent) the processes of industry is managed by an private app of samsung installed on your office electronic cloud..
You come home , set tomorrow's alarm , check energy dashboard , read few novels .. and sleep..  

here is the biggest news - all of this is possible!

Friday, April 13, 2012

the algorithm for unbreakable password..?

hello friends u all know about the one simple fact that is the square root of 4 can be -2 or +2 , this fact apparently amazes me lot ... because we can go to +4 from either -2 * -2 and +2 * +2 , but just by having 4 we cannot determine which one.(unless some criteria is listed) ..... so we have 2 possible solutions from one number , can we ha infinite possible solution from one number?

Question 1 before i continue u might wanna ask what are the applications of such kind of thing?
this will help in full secure encryption of strings.... and we can pass secure parameters such pass words in querystrings , and thus develop APIs of the website based on querystrings ..

what are APIs?
APIs-the programming or code used to make the database of website available for deveopers.

what are querystrings?
querystring-anything u see in the website url such as ?id=abcd is querystring.

Question 2 HOW TO?
  • convert all alphabets and characters into numbers , let numbers remain numbers (for security reasons make one character into a 3 digit random number.)
  • if their are certain numbers then the whole number becomes negative.
  • multiply the number by itself
  • what u get can be made public without fear!

Question 3 Where is the code?