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Friday, March 2, 2012

planet earth turns slowly.....


..... i screwed it again...:'( :'(

so today was the maths examination...hmmmmmmm so how do i feel ? A1?A2?B1?D?
well actually i feel like D (it is just a hyperbole) ....
so ur nex question?
how i screwed it? ahhh dun tell me abt it :'( :'(
the exam started with well timed strategy... section a which has MCQ's went nice , all correct , except for 1  which i had kept for 'come back later' ...

section b also was pretty cool .... at that time it felt .. wow! i got them all correct but the fact was i had intercepted one question wrong , which was que no.14
"Find the value of k, if the point P(2,4) is equidistant from the points A(5,k) and B(k,7)?"
pretty easy right .. yeah i know it is easy , apparently i understood the question as 'P is mid-point of AB . Find the value of k?'
that was all what went wrong into section-b which compromised of 8 questions each of 2 marks

section c was where i screwed loads of things...
in question no.23 there was an option provided .. one was to find area of quadrilateral , if coordinates were given and second was to get point P(x,y) which divides the line-segment such that AP = 3/7AB
well i knew both of them ... and that actually was the problem! so how did i screw it up? i first did top question in which i got the area of quad. as -7 cm square , now that was not possible ... so instead of fiddling with formulas i jumped to next question instead .. in the next question i think so i panicked and understood that point P is actually divided in ratio 3:7 instead of 3:4 .....more worse while revising i got my mistake in above question  where the area of quad was 7cm square and not -7cm square...but then i passed tht question thinking that their is no point is in cancelling the answer again and doing the first option as i thought that i had  already got the correct solution ..

in question no.28 i did worst possible mistake of understandin that 9 * 8 = 63 ... hmm i was trying to divide 943 orally in mind with 8 and the result was that it leaves no remainder ...and no marks :'( :'(  even when i was small , the table of 8 was most difficult to learn ...  whatever ....
this was the question
Find the sum of all multiples of 8 lying between 201 and 950.
i had done similar kind of questions while practicing and this was indeed marked as most easy question in my Together With Book ....BITCH!!@#$#$#$%$%$^&*
While revising the paper i checked the calculations of the main formula ... not that calculation though gahhhh foolish of me..

question was bit long.. and related to surface area and volumes... first i made a mistake of reading the question wrong , then after cancelling whole damn shit i made mistake by assuming that square of 2.75 + square of 15 is not = to perfect square , and thus assumed nearby values of numbers and then messed with calculations ahead...

i say it i panicked a lot ...... felt like hell after givin the paper but everything was back to normal when i watched  sarabhai vs sarabahi and a castle episode...

* -- except for parents,teachers,school admission guys,neighbors, friends , and hell of a person who meets u tomorrow :P