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planet earth turns slowly.....




..... i screwed it again...:'( :'(

so today was the maths examination...hmmmmmmm so how do i feel ? A1?A2?B1?D? well actually i feel like D (it is just a hyperbole) .... so ur nex question? how i screwed it? ahhh dun tell me abt it :'( :'( the exam started with well timed strategy... section a which has MCQ's went nice , all correct , except for 1  which i had kept for 'come back later' ... section b also was pretty cool .... at that time it felt .. wow! i got them all correct but the fact was i had intercepted one question wrong , which was que no.14 "Find the value of k, if the point P(2,4) is equidistant from the points A(5,k) and B(k,7)?" pretty easy right .. yeah i know it is easy , apparently i understood the question as 'P is mid-point of AB . Find the value of k?' that was all what went wrong into section-b which compromised of 8 questions each of 2 marks section c was where i screwed loads of things... in question no.23 there was an option provided .. one was t