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Roads.They define infinite , they define future , they define the meaning of life. Roads - never ending , never finished path to justify life - unfair , frustrating , stupid and funny. Roads shape us , they tell us who we are , and make us to adjust to themselves. Roads - a place where we can sit and achieve , where we can sit and rethink  ourselves to someone better , someone successful . Roads - a place where people try to find peace , knowing it does not exist , where people make homes , so that they can comeback. Roads.They define infinite , they define future , they define meaning of life. Roads may sometimes be full of crowd, where we know we have to, make our mark.They might laugh and double back upon you .They sometimes become chaotic , and we unable to find solace , end up being the crowd OR grow up and define those roads , because the roads are made by people like us , having nothing more or nothing less. People like us. They left a trail , they left a path , they made

welcome to your life.. :)

I have been thinking to write a poem from a long time.. just catched up wid couple of phrases from here and there to make up an uber epic awesome poem {too much :P} the shadows walk beside you , the clock ticks on ... the moment comes and the moment goes , you just keep worrying about. welcome to your life. the doors open , the doors close , you walk past them, you open one wrong, goodluck for your fall .. it goes on to .... catching up wid lack of vision .. and put yourself in indecision why is there hesitation?.. welcome to your life.. will things ever change? how hard is dong that? will you ever answer that? welcome to your life... things will work out fine...

Read The signs , Memorize the lines..

Blue for the blue I feel when I'm feelin down on the ground Feelin' down That could be most any day Green for the eyes, take look around When the sun goes down and the sun goes down In the strangest way Red for the light, got to stop this thing Find a song to sing that is everything That I meant to say Meant to say Three for the mice that are blind like the world Never see the good that is done, just the bad It's too late to see Two of us make it easier to read the signs Memorize the lines Will you play with me? One for the road, I'll be on my way Come another day, when the things we say Find a way to be Way to be Autumn calls for a change of year, bringing winter near us Green to brown and the sky's a sign Wintertime is a razor blade that the devil made It's the price we pay for the summertime Spring days come, it's hard to know Where the rain comes from, where the children go It's a nursery rhyme Nursery rhyme

Why Big Act Small

**Narrative in this article is fictitious , the facts .. although are facts .. Recently to my bangok to pattaya trip our luxury bus took a non-periodical short nap at a highway . There was some sort of "complicated-engineering-stuff problem in our bus" .All of us thought that we would miss the lunch buffet organized at our hotel and will have to retire with our stomach empty. The driver thought differently , and as it turns out , we ate the whole buffet after arriving. UPS (Unite Parcel Service) reached the mid-highway in 14 minutes , took 7 minutes to repair the engine and bango! the bus was back roaring in not more than 25 minutes (sorry for my bad math! :P). During the 7 minute repair time i asked the bus driver Dev - weather the guys in UPS shirts were there to bring some sort of damaged part . {UPS is parcel service company famous all over the world } He kindly replied that - "NO" , those guys were actually the guys who "WERE REPAIRING THE BUS" .

cleaning up table mess

in class 7th , i had fought pretty hard for that position.. .. .. now laughing insanely :P 

Class 10th results

pretty lame .. i know .. never the less who cares.. :P i was working on arduino during the exams! 

IIT - CET coaching classes started!

hmm... joined bothra on 28 may! schedules to get just way over hectic now! schools will start from 21st june.. chosen subjects for class 11th is PCM , CS (not counter strike!derp..) , english...

profile new look


Student Portal of my school is launched!

Well student portal of rachana school is launched and guess who made it? some professional in bangalore.. nah...... I DID ... , to be honest ...the programming was not that difficult although i wish i had choosen php (as more tutorials are available online for php) , but more importantly i learnt something and that is what matters! here is d link -- look! (leaked) ..

Image Loading Algorithm! HECK

Usually websites do not release their loading algorithms but i am different , i am more like a one-man-army :P ... well 4 days back the loading of was little like you had to wait for 10 seconds for each page to show up , While coding the pages i felt bored waiting,wanting to see the output of what i had coded .. so i decided upon a loading algorithm which is far better than that of facebook So , i went about having multiple approaches which led to multiple problems, one of the most ass-holed method of doing this is by using iframes... they may give that (enabling of browser's) 'Back' button advantage but at the end of the day , they do not provide security , they load the pages instead of controls ... Second method was to load user-controls dynamically using update panels .. each time u clicked the button ,  a user-control would load up , this had its own set of problems and approaches as well because the controls (if u wanted them to behave like normal

Vision Electronic Cloud!

Electronic Cloud is something i have been thinking upon a while and i faced a problem when i was asked to explain it in 2 minute video because it has a mixture of ideas and not one single the best way i thought to explain it was imagining a place with electronic cloud.. You wake up at 6:30 am , your stereo playing 'Eminem - Not Afraid' as you had set it from your mobile as alarm ringtone a previous day.Your mobile , your laptop , your computer is nothing but a different resolution compatible web-browser with bluetooth and there is nothing known as hard-drive , all the data is sent to google docs which provides free hosting service. hmmmm... so what happened? did your internet speed went up?you got employed in broadband company? nahhhhhh... you just bought a device called electronic cloud , and that is the only device connected to internet. your e-cloud has ego-operating system(downloads and stores file in hard-disk), intel core 2 duo processor , 1 TB hard-drive , a

the algorithm for unbreakable password..?

hello friends u all know about the one simple fact that is the square root of 4 can be -2 or +2 , this fact apparently amazes me lot ... because we can go to +4 from either -2 * -2 and +2 * +2 , but just by having 4 we cannot determine which one.(unless some criteria is listed) ..... so we have 2 possible solutions from one number , can we ha infinite possible solution from one number? Question 1 before i continue u might wanna ask what are the applications of such kind of thing? this will help in full secure encryption of strings.... and we can pass secure parameters such pass words in querystrings , and thus develop APIs of the website based on querystrings .. what are APIs? APIs-the programming or code used to make the database of website available for deveopers. what are querystrings? querystring-anything u see in the website url such as ?id=abcd is querystring. Question 2 HOW TO? convert all alphabets and characters into numbers , let numbers remain numbers (for securit

E-Cloud Introduction?

Link to my project! Do visit if you want to know where the lightning powered world is going to take you next.....



planet earth turns slowly.....




..... i screwed it again...:'( :'(

so today was the maths examination...hmmmmmmm so how do i feel ? A1?A2?B1?D? well actually i feel like D (it is just a hyperbole) .... so ur nex question? how i screwed it? ahhh dun tell me abt it :'( :'( the exam started with well timed strategy... section a which has MCQ's went nice , all correct , except for 1  which i had kept for 'come back later' ... section b also was pretty cool .... at that time it felt .. wow! i got them all correct but the fact was i had intercepted one question wrong , which was que no.14 "Find the value of k, if the point P(2,4) is equidistant from the points A(5,k) and B(k,7)?" pretty easy right .. yeah i know it is easy , apparently i understood the question as 'P is mid-point of AB . Find the value of k?' that was all what went wrong into section-b which compromised of 8 questions each of 2 marks section c was where i screwed loads of things... in question no.23 there was an option provided .. one was t

Pre-boards over!

It seems like pre-boards are over finally ! Those were the worst ever given examinations of my life... i mean think of it taking 2 examinations in period of 1 month! calling first one a practice and 2nd one 'real' .. damn it... the board examination duration is enough to prepare for the whole examination , but they have preparation tests for pre-boards , vacation 4 pre-boards , then pre - boards , then vacation for board examination and then a 5.2 average day gap in all the board papers .... FUCK OFF! what do they think we are.. computers? or apple employees ..

My Best Try...

When you try your best, but you don't succeed When you get what you want, but not what you need When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse And the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone, but it goes to waste Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you And high up above or down below When you're too in love to let it go But if you never try you'll never know Just what you're worth Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you Tears stream down on your face When you lose something you cannot replace Tears stream down on your face And I... Tears stream down on your face I promise you I will learn from my mistakes Tears stream down on your face And I... Lights will guide you home And ignite your bones And I will try to fix you