Whether it should be mentioned in our report cards that we go to tuition classes or not?

Hello friends, tuition classes have become an integral part of our lives. Our daily schedule involves at least 1 hour of tuition classes . Unlike before when these classes were just meant for weaker strata of students , today it has become a trend, and this trend is only growing by time.Students have joined tuitions just because their friends have done so ,but the question is whether or not it should be mentioned in our report cards that we go to tuition classes or not?
In my opinion it should be because a student who is going to these classes has an edge over the ones who are not.Often it is observed that these students disturb the class and not let others study.Mentioning in the report cards whether a person goes to tuitions or not would help in 2 ways. Firstly,it would reduce this 'fashion' and secondly, it would make students more self-dependent which in turn would bring out their potential.

"At the end of the day it is the grasping abilities of the student which matters and not the fact whether he goes to tuitions or not" argues my tuition going friends. They further add that it also helps to supplement the income of teachers whose salary is low.
On the parting note i would like to conclude that although tuitions are great help to students who are weak in studies , following just because your friend is doing so is quite pointless.


  1. Agreed with your point completely vaibhav, but on a practical thought, this is quite not possible as no one would mention it and you can never bring a valid proof for the same. But a great thought for implementation, if it could be executed....
    Keep writing :)


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