Mr.Osama Bin Laden the person responsible for major terror attacks spoke to Vaibhav Maheshwari live from hell about terrorism,environment and petropolitics.

Vaibhav: How do you justify yourself on killing millions of innocent people?
Laden : Many Ways. Firstly, we wear the mask of religion to promote and justify terrorism . Secondly ,we hate the hippocratic manner of 'inscrutable americans' and wanna revenge them and all its allies(like india , although now it is more like a sandwich) and third and most importantly we want to create more and more fear among people , and terrorist attacks are the best way to accomplish it .

Vaibhav : How do you get all the resources to undertake the mission ?
Laden:As for the information it is freely available on the internet and the money required is provided by you . You are indeed funding both the oppositions..
Vaibhav : I don't get it.You are trying to say that i am funding you to kill myself !!?#$$%%!!?? Does that make sense at all ?
Laden : Yes it does, look you are paying for your oil .. right?Then you are funding me . The oil comes from arab countries , they earn from it . Now some part of this money is sent to 'our associations' by Muslim Missionaries , Oil Companies and individuals living their.You are also funding the government(taxes) to carry out anti-terrorist activities.

Vaibhav:Why 'Muslim Missionaries',' Oil Companies' and 'individuals living in arab countries' fund you?It's not charity exactly you are doing.
Laden:For Protection,'Vasoli' whatever u may like to call it ... I call it 'donation for a cause'.

Vaibhav:What are the means to stop u?
Laden: America thinks if they kill all the terrorists they would be able to stop us but they are wrong if u kill a terrorist , 10 more will be produced( in order to take revenge) . According to me a non-oil system of power usage or in another words pollution free technology for better environment and future of the world is the only solution to stop us.Look @ this equation --
Less consumption of oil = No money in arab countries = No money for us = No attacks   

Vaibhav: Is that why UN is conducting all these environment talks?We are stopping you aren't we??
Laden: Ha!!! are you kidding me , what happened at those UN Environmental summits was little like America ate the breakfast, lunch , dinner and dessert and then invited all the countries for a coffee and asked to share the bill ..Obviously the countries declined ,nothing is coming out of those meets.If anything is possible it is at grass-root levels.Common man like Anna Hazare should stand up to create mass movement about environment. 

Vaibhav: Last question sir , i am a student of class 10th Rachana School . Why I should i know all this ?
Laden : Because you need to decide what are you going to do?let us kill you or drive the environment free innovation in 21st century. Choice is yours to make. 


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