Friday, August 26, 2011


Mr.Osama Bin Laden the person responsible for major terror attacks spoke to Vaibhav Maheshwari live from hell about terrorism,environment and petropolitics.

Vaibhav: How do you justify yourself on killing millions of innocent people?
Laden : Many Ways. Firstly, we wear the mask of religion to promote and justify terrorism . Secondly ,we hate the hippocratic manner of 'inscrutable americans' and wanna revenge them and all its allies(like india , although now it is more like a sandwich) and third and most importantly we want to create more and more fear among people , and terrorist attacks are the best way to accomplish it .

Vaibhav : How do you get all the resources to undertake the mission ?
Laden:As for the information it is freely available on the internet and the money required is provided by you . You are indeed funding both the oppositions..
Vaibhav : I don't get it.You are trying to say that i am funding you to kill myself !!?#$$%%!!?? Does that make sense at all ?
Laden : Yes it does, look you are paying for your oil .. right?Then you are funding me . The oil comes from arab countries , they earn from it . Now some part of this money is sent to 'our associations' by Muslim Missionaries , Oil Companies and individuals living their.You are also funding the government(taxes) to carry out anti-terrorist activities.

Vaibhav:Why 'Muslim Missionaries',' Oil Companies' and 'individuals living in arab countries' fund you?It's not charity exactly you are doing.
Laden:For Protection,'Vasoli' whatever u may like to call it ... I call it 'donation for a cause'.

Vaibhav:What are the means to stop u?
Laden: America thinks if they kill all the terrorists they would be able to stop us but they are wrong if u kill a terrorist , 10 more will be produced( in order to take revenge) . According to me a non-oil system of power usage or in another words pollution free technology for better environment and future of the world is the only solution to stop us.Look @ this equation --
Less consumption of oil = No money in arab countries = No money for us = No attacks   

Vaibhav: Is that why UN is conducting all these environment talks?We are stopping you aren't we??
Laden: Ha!!! are you kidding me , what happened at those UN Environmental summits was little like America ate the breakfast, lunch , dinner and dessert and then invited all the countries for a coffee and asked to share the bill ..Obviously the countries declined ,nothing is coming out of those meets.If anything is possible it is at grass-root levels.Common man like Anna Hazare should stand up to create mass movement about environment. 

Vaibhav: Last question sir , i am a student of class 10th Rachana School . Why I should i know all this ?
Laden : Because you need to decide what are you going to do?let us kill you or drive the environment free innovation in 21st century. Choice is yours to make. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Do our parents give us enough freedom to make our own choices ??

In the early 2000's , the world went through a transition, it became flatter , smaller and smarter place to live in . Due to emergence of internet and steroid gadgets there was information flow like never before , this may have destroyed all other barriers but it created new barriers for people - the ones born into the bubble and the ones born before the bubble and in my opinion this is what has embarked upon the differences of opinion between us and our parents as they belonged to latter 'creed' of people.For Example go ahead and ask grandads-"Are your kids gonna be vegetarian ?" They would reply "Yes.." Ask the GEN Y the same question then they would rather reply "nah!! we going to eat KFC".
They have their notions based on their experiences and we have ours based on our experiences.Their experience truly more than that of ours but a good decision not just needs an experience(yes! it helps) , it needs precision and innovation.
According to me freedom to make your own choices cannot be given or gifted it is owned by the student itself . If the student is well aware of the world around him , and knows how much time to sit on facebook or how much junk food he/she should eat or knows what career options he's gonna take I don't think parents should interfere in our decisions based upon our perspective of life , I am lucky enough have to such parents who let me take my chances in my life and I respect my parents for that , at the same time we should always know where to make our boundaries if we don't do that then I believe our parents have right to intervene in choice we choose for ourselves .
Even though these generations has wide set of  opinions , collaboration should be maintained to keep argument and scuffles at bay . There should be an agenda of co-operation on common interests, mutual needs and shared responsibilities , which both parents and their wards should understand .

Yeah.. I know surprise ending!! :P
 Hope u liked this piece of graffiti .... will be writing more

ARTICLE WAS PUBLISHED DATED --- 30/8/2011 in Times Of India Student Edititon