Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sms Advertisements In Today's World :D

The need and place for Advertisements both have been increased over time .'Bulk Messages' are sent from and on mobile to advertise the product , after all cheap technology and skilled labour is present in plenty .
Recently I got a SMS from "LM-1LakhSms" which displayed that I am winner of Rs. 1 Lakh Sms , to claim your verification go to 1Lakhsms.com , what struck me in my mind was this could be the SMS fraud after the rise of Email fraud , instead it is just a mix of words . The message said I am winner of 'Rs 1 Lakh Sms' which means you can send free sms to everyone from their site which they claim of worth Rs. 1 Lakh . LOL (hey! not Lots Of  Love) u can do the same on WAY2SMS.com for unlimited messages.. ..

Now-a-days people have started doubting the word 'free' with 'fraud' (which usually is the case) on emails and on SMSs , so these advertising guys come up with another brilliant idea to fool people  . Just look at the message i got from the website grabdeals.net "Buy Iphone 4 for 90% discount rate" . I knew websites such as snapdeals.com provided free discount coupons in India so I logged into grabdeals.net after all who would not like an Iphone 4 at the rate of Nokia 1010 but this also turned out to be a another rough play of words as it turned out that i m going to get Iphone 4 for 90% discount RATE  , so the discount was only 10 % .. duh..
SMS Advertising which is short and sweet like twitter is now just not a matter-of-fact-concept it is more like how best you can fool your clients .. FALSE ADVERTISING RULES