Saturday, June 18, 2011


India won World Cup 2011 . Marks . Anna Hazare is on Fast . Marks . Osama Bin Laden is dead . Marks . Obama is getting fat . Marks . Facebook has notched 17 million users in India . Marks .
The sun may rise from west but parents , teachers and neighbors won't stop asking us "How much marks did you got beta ?? " Examination are a great way of testing student's potential  in academic performance but they are not just enough . Marks do not tell that I am good at web programming and coding , they do not tell that I am an avid reader , they do not tell that I am guy with creative and innovative mind for tomorrow . My real talent and passion is never shown up in the report card for me , it is and will be an alphabet on Report Card , but to whom does it matter what i think ,  all what matters is Marks , weather you care for them or you don't . Why does sports and other co-curricular activities take backyard stop in our route to definition of success ?? Why can't still in 21st century passion replace profession ??  

Kapil Sibal tried to introduce CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation ) but it now it seems like 'Continuously Crushed Education' where teachers instead of giving REAL-TIME activities pamper students for only 1 motive - 'Marks' . I get to listen many teachers in the class quoting that 'Children If u study like this no wonder what your FA Grades are going to be' . From REAL TIME ACTIVITIES i mean an educative field trip , a visit to an office of a MNC or any sort of activity which includes outing of the student to a new location where he/she can learn through interaction .
Of Course I can sit and talk like Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare and blame the bloody government for everything but no we need to solve this problem from grass-root levels , we need to see how much contribution we are making to enhance the education system which we are a part of (directly or indirectly) .