Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Globalization 4.0 . What Next ???

First of all , i wanna start with the question 'What Is Globalization' ? You can obviously google it and get a 13 page Wikipedia article on it but in simple terms , it means exposure .

Globalization on Earth has occurred at many stages and in different forms. Stage 1 occurred from 1700 - 1900 (It took 200 years for stage 1 to complete !) , it happened when countries started exploring possiblities of trade with other countries , it created an atmosphere where countries fought and grouped together for the sole purpose of power and  money . Stage 1 basically happened when the trade started .

Stage 2 occurred from 1900 - 1970 (70 Years time-span) this is the period when Industrialization took place , machines started coming up and manual labor went down , when people and countries grouped together to form unions  known as "Companies" - to fight and acquire trade powers.

The Stage 3 (1970-2010 ,took 40years to complete) , is the most important stage of globalization  as it sought the change which was never imagined before . Columbus never thought that he can connect over the whole world just by clicking some links , he had to go around the world for that , In this stage we came from countries to companies to individuals . From Britisher to East India Trading Guy to James Cameron .  Anyone from anywhere could share their thoughts with everyone and everywhere.This Globalization brought computers and internet at home of individuals empowering them in a never before manner .

But still the big question loiters around us . WHAT NEXT ? WHAT IN GLOBALIZATION 4.0 .

Whatever i wrote above were facts , history of what happened till now , what I am going to write now is prediction , a 'sort-of' thing that might happen next (It is only my opinion).
Globalization 4.0 will only take 20 years to complete (2010-2030) , it is going to bring the downfall of USA and rise of China and India , The downfall of stripes and rise of dragon and charkha . Globalization 4.0 will bring change in how uploading is done , downloading is done , sharing is done , at which speed it is done , how people communicate , new means of mass media and social status on social structure on social networking websites will gain lot of importance .

In Globalization 4.0 many new jobs will be created and old jobs will be dumped , the only question would be weather you are able to live through the change , and unlike the present world where competition is between you and classmates or you and your country natives , there would be competition between you and the whole world  . Will you be able to change with time ?? Or left lagging behind ...?? choice is yours