Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Art Of Commercialization

Art Of Commercialising is nothing more than art of generating revenue, profit and business and Indians lack it. For Example, the backyard form of cricket known as 'gulli-danda' had been played in India a long before but we were never able to commercialise the game, if had done who knows the Cricket World Cup 2011 might have known 'Gulli-Danda' World Cup 2011. This is we were Americans and Europeans come in, they are the new age experts in presenting a simple thing in a sophisticated manner and sophisticated thing in a simple manner as to generate profit and revenue. So putting it overall, I say we lack the art of commercialising, the art of generating money out of nowhere, we are still unable to commercialise the games such as 'Kabaddi' , 'Pachisi' , 'Mallakhamb' . Leave the international level even the coming generation does not know about these games, Still there's a lot of scope of improvement and things could be much much much better . We can have private initiatives ( I have lost my faith in government after what is happening in the parliament right now ) to start ventures in fields like medicinal herbs and shrubs or promoting traditional talent and game or maybe even collecting garbage . Give the job to Americans and they will make a fortune out of it while we will lag behind. Some say (referring to the article of Vijay Ramachandran in Times Of India) the reason is we are less curious, passionate, creative and intelligent than the Americans but I think otherwise Indians are more creative , curious , passionate and intelligent than americans but the thing is we do not show off and at the end that is what matters . How is the world going to know what u r or what you can do if don't show them. We need to use this population, these minds commercially to generate a profit for India by any means possible, we don’t need to be ‘idea copy cats’ (talking mainly of Bollywood and business ventures) , we need to work upon something totally ours .