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Remove Corruption System

Corruption an overflowing unbanned drug in our country is on high . Measures should be taken against the government to prevent it as they are the role models for the common man . Anna Hazare and the team is of course on this task and have been quite successful in this mission which is till now thought to be impossible .  After reading both the demand of Baba Ramdev as well as Anna Hazare , i have come up with the solution GA GA GA ... not in mood to write hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


India won World Cup 2011 . Marks . Anna Hazare is on Fast . Marks . Osama Bin Laden is dead . Marks . Obama is getting fat . Marks . Facebook has notched 17 million users in India . Marks . The sun may rise from west but parents , teachers and neighbors won't stop asking us "How much marks did you got beta ?? " Examination are a great way of testing student's potential  in academic performance but they are not just enough . Marks do not tell that I am good at web programming and coding , they do not tell that I am an avid reader , they do not tell that I am guy with creative and innovative mind for tomorrow . My real talent and passion is never shown up in the report card for me , it is and will be an alphabet on Report Card , but to whom does it matter what i think ,  all what matters is Marks , weather you care for them or you don't . Why does sports and other co-curricular activities take backyard stop in our route to definition of success ?? Why can't st

The Art Of Commercialization

Art Of Commercialising is nothing more than art of generating revenue, profit and business and Indians lack it. For Example, the backyard form of cricket known as 'gulli-danda' had been played in India a long before but we were never able to commercialise the game, if had done who knows the Cricket World Cup 2011 might have known 'Gulli-Danda' World Cup 2011. This is we were Americans and Europeans come in, they are the new age experts in presenting a simple thing in a sophisticated manner and sophisticated thing in a simple manner as to generate profit and revenue. So putting it overall, I say we lack the art of commercialising, the art of generating money out of nowhere, we are still unable to commercialise the games such as 'Kabaddi' , 'Pachisi' , 'Mallakhamb' . Leave the international level even the coming generation does not know about these games, Still there's a lot of scope of improvement and things could be much much much better . W

Sms Advertisements In Today's World :D

The need and place for Advertisements both have been increased over time .'Bulk Messages' are sent from and on mobile to advertise the product , after all cheap technology and skilled labour is present in plenty . Recently I got a SMS from "LM-1LakhSms" which displayed that I am winner of Rs. 1 Lakh Sms , to claim your verification go to , what struck me in my mind was this could be the SMS fraud after the rise of Email fraud , instead it is just a mix of words . The message said I am winner of 'Rs 1 Lakh Sms' which means you can send free sms to everyone from their site which they claim of worth Rs. 1 Lakh . LOL (hey! not Lots Of  Love) u can do the same on for unlimited messages.. .. Now-a-days people have started doubting the word 'free' with 'fraud' (which usually is the case) on emails and on SMSs , so these advertising guys come up with another brilliant idea to fool people  . Just look at the message i got fro

Globalization 4.0 . What Next ???

First of all , i wanna start with the question 'What Is Globalization' ? You can obviously google it and get a 13 page Wikipedia article on it but in simple terms , it means exposure . Globalization on Earth has occurred at many stages and in different forms. Stage 1 occurred from 1700 - 1900 (It took 200 years for stage 1 to complete !) , it happened when countries started exploring possiblities of trade with other countries , it created an atmosphere where countries fought and grouped together for the sole purpose of power and  money . Stage 1 basically happened when the trade started . Stage 2 occurred from 1900 - 1970 (70 Years time-span) this is the period when Industrialization took place , machines started coming up and manual labor went down , when people and countries grouped together to form unions  known as "Companies" - to fight and acquire trade powers. The Stage 3 (1970-2010 ,took 40years to complete) , is the most important stage of globalization