Thursday, May 26, 2011

What We Have They Lack - Different narrative , Different method , Different Imagination

I am no religious writer and this article is not about how and why follow ISLAM , This article is mainly based upon the impact of Globalization on the 2nd leading religion of the world and how this 'level playing field' is responded by different people of this very same religion . 
When Arab Muslims (of countries namely Pakistan , Afghanistan , Iraq , Iran ) started to know the world where sharing digitized data was fast , quick and people could share thoughts and collaborate in a never before manner , one man named Osama Bin Laden reacted instinctively and created network named Al-Qaeda , this network spread out with amazing quickness . Very soon knowledge was being shared on this network , thoughts were shared on this network but not so that uploading and downloading can take place in harmony but to create destruction and hatred among people . These countries , these people also went through the phase of globalization but how they utilized this knowledge devastates me.

Different narrative , Different method , Different Imagination

Now let's talk about the second largest Muslim community in this world - India , After the Y2K impact on Indians we got introduced to Globalization . Muslims in India although being a minority in the country has shown enormous success , and have made Indian flag held high . Look At this ,
In India the leading Bollywood superstars namely the 5 khans run half of that industry . We have had a Muslim President (A.P.J Abdul Kalam) who was also responsible for making of missiles and weapons in the Indian Military . The Current Vice President Of India Hamid Ansari is also a Muslim , you may have heard the names of  Qurratulain Hyder ,  M. J. Akbar , Javed Akhtar ,Irfan Habib , Zakir Hussain ,  Abdul Hamid
, Maulana Azad  , M. Hidayatullah , Sania Mirza  , Bismillah Khan . What's more is leading indian MNC named WIPRO is headed by a muslim - Azim Premji .
This shows what exactly a globalist democratic nation can do the muslims , when they are given enough chance to proove their worth and stand in the competition .

Different narrative , Different method , Different Imagination
The Arab-Muslims and Indian Muslims both went through Globalization , but how we indians reacted to this while how Arabs reacted to this is clearly printed on the facts of history